Site Superintendent Brian Hering | Meet the Team

June 30, 2022 By Douglas Killingtree Brian has been with Hammer & Hand off-and-on for a cumulative 7 a long time. A self-taught carpenter, Brian employed to be a mold maker for historic and decorative architecture with a local enterprise identified as Architectural Castings (earlier Architectural Reproductions). He fell into […]

How To Keep Grass Green In Winter 2022

Home > Backyard > Lawn > Wondering How To Keep Grass Green In Winter? Here’s What You Need To Know! Keeping your grass green in winter can be achieved with a couple of seasonal lawn care practices. These include overseeding with a cool-season grass, removing leaves and debris, applying fertilizer […]

Why You Should Buy Hybrid Mattresses

Walter S. Timmons

Hybrid mattresses are obtaining level of popularity and it’s the bed of the upcoming. It might seem extraordinary for a piece of latex or memory foam. And a bunch of coils and springs, but hybrid mattresses are way improved than a standard mattress. The the vast majority of hybrid mattresses […]

Top 10 Summer Home Maintenance Tips

Walter S. Timmons

The sun is out. The youngsters are house. Before heading to the beach front, devote a little time acquiring your home all set for the period. Some servicing needs are clear like cleansing your grill and receiving your AC serviced. Even so, there are some to-dos you might not have […]

Should I Remodel Or Move?

Walter S. Timmons

For the initial time in a couple of yrs, this summer, family members all more than Seattle experienced the option to get out of their properties and choose their family members on vacation. Lots of Seattleites were being ready to get away from household and relax their head. As tumble […]

How to Prevent Condensation on Windows

Walter S. Timmons

Window condensation is a single of individuals pesky issues we have all expert in our properties. Condensation is fully normal and occurs when warm, moist air meets surfaces that are cooler than its dew point temperature. In basic phrases, it is the changeover of h2o vapor in the air into liquid, […]

Fall Tablescape Color Palettes | Centsational Style

Walter S. Timmons

We have Thanksgiving prepared with prolonged loved ones in Florida so we’re looking at the hurricane extremely closely. Our neighborhood in coastal Sarasota was evacuated so we have no plan what type of injury will be carried out. My household is California so we’re safe, but our property will likely […]