The bedroom is a place of rest for the human body; the body sleeps here for at least 7 hours. Therefore, the bedroom has to be a peaceful and restful place. The energy has to be distributed evenly and flow gently throughout the room.

The bedroom is a balance of not having too much energy (yang) or too little energy (yin). A comfortable bedroom is where you have consistently good sleep and feel totally refreshed after the sleep. What happens when there isn’t this balance?

If there is too much energy, the bedroom will become an active area and therefore, it would be difficult to sleep. Also, wake up in the middle of the night – broken sleep.

If there is too little energy, the place would become very still and lifeless. The person would have a sleep but, have difficulty waking up and did not feel rested at all.

The en-suite bathroom

Feng shui masters of old have always recommended bathrooms (bath and toilets) to be outside of the house.

However, we have moved on. The question now is, how do you manage the bathroom in the house, let alone, adjoining the bedroom.

1. Where possible, do not have an en-suite bathroom. Have the door to open in the landing rather than the bedroom.

If that is not possible, it will be about managing the energy flow to the bathroom.

2. Keep the door to the bathroom closed at all times. This is to minimise the flow of energy from the bedroom to the bathroom.

3. Open the bathroom window where possible and the use of extractor fan is encouraged.

4. Keep the lid on the WC down when flushing the water. This is to minimise the outward flow on energy down the sewer.

5. When draining the water from the bath or sink, try to keep the bathroom door shut so as to minimise this outward flow of energy.

Conclusion: These are simple steps to minimise the outflow of energy from the bedroom.

Feng shui is a Chinese system of land management which developed with rise of Chinese civilisation, more than 40 centuries ago. The system understands the flows of energy in both the time and space dimensions. This energy is harnessed to create the living space (homes, buildings, towns and cities) conducive for people to have the appropriate behaviours to attain better health, wealth and happiness.

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