4 Essential Bathroom Safety Products

While many of us consider creating a bathroom that looks lovely, we don’t always give much thought to bathroom safety. The bathroom, however, is one of the most dangerous rooms in the house. Combine water, electrical outlets, and slippery feet together – and you’ve got a recipe for disaster. Add […]

Double Sink Bathroom Vanity Advantages

Double sink vanities are often seen in home design magazines. They are extremely stylish and provide a fantastic combination of form and function. If you’re considering a vanity with two sinks, read on for information on the advantages of double sinks and a few tips on applying this type of […]

Bathroom Scales

Bathroom scales are used to monitor the weight of your body. Their readings are an accurate reflection of your overall body weight. Bathroom scales are mostly sophisticated pieces of instruments that use strain gauge technology coupled with a computerized calibration system. Most of them are powered by batteries. Carrying too […]

Common Issues Arising In Bathroom Remodels

Walter S. Timmons

Bathroom remodels are more work than just some paint and a little bit of tile. If considering a bathroom remodel put the extra time and money into doing a thorough job and completely gutting the bathroom back to square one. This will allow you to uncover issues that have been […]