September 25, 2022

Rayjin Teppanyaki

Beauty in design

DeLorean Unveils Alpha5 EV Concept With Futuristic Design

DeLorean turned again to legendary ItalDesign to pen the styling. This company has crafted stunning concept and production designs for many car companies, including Alfa Romeo, Audi, Ferrari, Maserati and Volkswagen.

Here, they have crafted a four-passenger car that truly looks like a coupe. The massive doors open in a gullwing fashion, lifting upwards from a hinge on the roof.  This should offer far better rear seat access than a traditional coupe. The gullwing doors may be just some magic for the concept car, rather than production intent.  

The silhouette is sleek, with interesting sculpting on the fenders and hood. The company claims it is highly aerodynamic, which can help with range and noise. The wheels are pushed far out to the corners. The combination of being an electric car, without the need for a driveline tunnel running through the interior, and having a relatively long wheelbase, promises to bolster cabin space. 

The rear pillar and black roof remind of the upcoming Nissan Z. When viewed from the rear, those fenders and horizontal lighting look pure supercar. Very striking.

Ultimately, it is an attractive design, but does it stir nostalgic feelings for “DeLorean”?