Drones Are Great Tools But Aren’t A Replacement For Onsite Roof Inspections

Walter S. Timmons

Know-how has it’s position in small business and the roofing small business isn’t any different. It is how you use that technological know-how to do your position that issues.

Today’s technologies, like utilizing drones and satellite imagery to inspect a roof, are helpful and admittedly genuinely neat, but we are nowhere in close proximity to Star Trek degrees of technologies the place merely scanning a property with our awesome-wanting tech will notify us all we have to have to know. Not however in any case.

The Coronovirus pandemic introduced some of these technologies to the forefront, and they are in fact good and quite valuable, but we have noticed extra than a couple providers misrepresenting how they are used. From utilizing Coronovirus basic safety measures as an justification to not inspecting your roof in-human being, to even proclaiming drones are outstanding to in-human being inspections, these organizations are carrying out their shoppers a disservice by telling them matters that are merely not legitimate.

Of system basic safety measures are critical but you do not want to forgo a proper in-individual roof inspection to be safe and sound, as we have confirmed in excess of the full course of the pandemic. Appropriately executing an in-person, on-site, roof inspection demands pretty several extra actions to defend homeowners and our workers without having slicing corners.

It is Not Doable To Perform A Good Roof Inspection Without having Bodily Having On The Roof

We at Atlanta Roofing Specialists see the benefit in utilizing new technologies, like drones, to support with performing a roof inspection in some instances, but utilizing it as a replacement to undertaking a complete, bodily wander on the roof and via attic spots? No, no, no…not anytime quickly anyway.

The point is drone know-how and even satellite imagery (which we use to help us as very well) are wonderful equipment when carrying out a roof inspection but the facts is minimal at ideal. Whilst a picture or satellite impression can give us the resources to acquire things like measurements and pinpointing fundamental structural data it tells us extremely minor about existing and possible issues. In simple fact, they differ extremely little from the “old fashioned” photographs we have generally taken and utilised.

Presently, almost nothing replaces the actual physical act of receiving on a roof, feeling every single phase and getting ready to get up shut and physically touch suspect areas to figure out if issues are cosmetic and/or perhaps disastrous! Everything significantly less and the results can show costly, or even lethal, to owners.

If your roof contractor is professing a drone or satellite photographs is all they have to have, be suspicious, GET A Next or even a Third belief if you want to. You’d be surprised at how a lot of issues a photograph Doesn’t show and reliable roof contractors know this.

In Metro Atlanta, Atlanta Roofing Experts inspects each roof we see, appropriately, onsite, by climbing up on the roofs ourselves, each time. While we do use technology to assist us, it always compliments the course of action, it is not the process alone. For a proper onsite estimate, contact us today at (770) 419-2222

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