September 28, 2022

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Fight between two teen girls in school bathroom caught on camera

CINCINNATI (WXIX/Gray News) – Two teens were caught on camera fighting inside a girl’s bathroom at a school in Ohio.

One of the girl’s grandparents, Kim Lewis is speaking out because she says her granddaughter isn’t safe at Gamble Montessori Junior High School and wants her to transfer.

“I am so mad,” Lewis said. “She can’t even go to school and be protected outside of her home… This is not right!”

Lewis is at her breaking point in the aftermath of the bathroom fight.

“She could have died that day,” Lewis said. “Like I told him, he lucky God has his hand on my baby. I’m so mad.”

Lewis says she’s spoken with the school principal and the school board several times about the fight. She says her granddaughter was suspended because of it last Monday, but now her granddaughter is back at school.

“So I don’t feel that my grandchild is safe at school for these next six weeks,” she said.

Lewis says her granddaughter had issues with another female student before spring break and that she worried her granddaughter would get jumped.

“I don’t know what to do,” she said. “We tried to get her into another school, but it was already third quarter.”

Lewis says school officials offered to change her lunch hour and encourage her to use the bathroom across from the principal’s office.

“I’m worried about my granddaughter’s well-being,” Lewis said.

WXIX reached out to Child Protective Services. They said appropriate disciplinary action was taken but they could not share specifics with regard to individual students.

WXIX also asked the school board whether Lewis’ granddaughter can switch schools or go virtual but have yet to hear back.

Meanwhile, Lewis says her granddaughter is behind on her school work because of the stress.

“How can you learn when you’re being threatened at a school and you have to watch your back?”

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