A home kitchen faucet with filter is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to assure that all the water you drink in your house is safe and healthy.  With contamination like it is today, a filtration system is something that every home should have.  Here are a few things you probably should know before you actually get one.

1. Some types of home kitchen faucet with filter systems do not produce water that’s ideal for drinking.  For example, reverse osmosis and distillation systems do not produce quality drinking water because they strip all the natural trace minerals out of it (which is needed by our body for multiple reasons).  It’s kind of ridiculous how manufacturers of these systems market their products as the perfect residential unit when they are clearly only appropriate for use in the photo, printing, and medical fields.

2. Make sure that the manufacturer provides the proper documentation proving the system’s performance and efficiency.  Often, you’ll run into a company that makes these amazing claims about there kitchen faucet with filter but when you get it, it fails to do the job.  The best systems will provide documentation that proves these claims are true, and both the documentation and system itself will be certified by a reliable and respected regulatory agency.

3. Always check to see how much a home kitchen faucet with filter costs to use after you buy it.  Many manufacturers sell their products based on the old camera business model: they sell the initial system (or camera) cheap, and make the rest up on filter cartridge (or film) sales.  To calculate the cost of use, take how much the filter cartridge costs and divide it by how many days or gallons it filters.  The lower number you get, the better!

4. More expensive does not mean more effective.  Most manufacturers of home kitchen faucet with filter systems believe that consumers will pay more for their product because it has their name on it.  Sometimes, it’ll even cost less to produce it, and they’ll still charge more for it!

5. The best way to get a good deal on a home kitchen faucet with filter is to buy it factory-direct.  Online, you can often find that manufacturers will sell their systems at steeply discounted prices because you buy it directly from them.  Doing this alone save me about 20%!