How To Determine What You Want From a Small Studio Apartment.

What is a Studio Apartment? Studio vs 1 Bedroom Apartment

Whether you’re in a studio apartment or an executive penthouse, you may have to figure out how to make the most of your space. Unsurprisingly, the biggest challenge is often finding solutions for a small kitchen. Saving money is another concern as well — especially if you live in a high-demand city like New York or San Francisco. You might also want to find ways to make your small space feel more like home and less like cramped quarters.

What features should you look for in a small studio apartment?

A small studio apartment has a lot of potentials. It can be a low-cost solution for a first-time homebuyer, a starter apartment for someone living independently for the first time, or a temporary home for someone who is between homes.

 Also, before you get started, test out your space by estimating how many square feet you could fill with furniture and how much it would cost you to replace the surface of the floor.

How do advantages and disadvantages differ from living in a larger apartment?

The advantages of living in a larger apartment would be that it has more space for you to do things like having friends over or entertain. The disadvantages would be that it takes longer to heat and cool. It would also be more expensive.

However, the upside of living in a smaller flat is that you can do more when you have more space. But with a kitchen that’s the size of a closet or perhaps even a walk-in closet, cooking hard tasks or doing simple tasks can feel like a Herculean task.

What are some smart ways to decorate your small space?

Here are some smart ways to decorate your small space:

1) Use mirrors. Mirrors are great because they reflect light and make a small space feel bigger.

2) Use greenery. Plants and flowers are great for small spaces because they can make a small space feel less empty and help you feel closer to nature.

3) Use vertical space. Having a tall desk topped with a computer can feel restricting, especially for someone used to a more horizontal desk. Try placing books vertically to create more vertical space.

4) Decorate like a restaurant. Besides being visually pleasing, your small space can create a buzz by having tables, chairs, and utensils in the same area. By creating a restaurant-style ambiance, you enhance consumption and reward your senses.

5) Make your desk look as busy as a restaurant. Certain items like computer chairs, drink cozies, and fun bags can create a multi-tasking environment in your small space.

 The right lighting can give your space a cozy, inviting feel and remind you of home — whether that’s by keeping the rooms dark or adding lots of color.

For example, in a small one-bedroom apartment in California, single blue lightbulbs provide soft light to just about every corner of the room. Plus, they are easy to clean and replace. Although a lot of small spaces are lit by natural light, TVs are the perfect way to add artificial light into a space. Consider your TV an entertainment center — lights can lend warmth to a barren space and make it seem more welcoming.

Save money by only buying the base-model electronics that will fit in your tiny space. Expand your budget by finding alternatives or upgrading to higher-quality models. You can buy basic electronics like a laptop, speaker, or smart speaker (depending on where you live). The obvious strategy is to avoid buying any Apple products.

How can you save money in your small apartment without scrimping on essentials?

There are lots of ways to save money in your small apartment without scrimping on the essentials. You can: cook in bulk and freeze leftovers, buy foods in bulk and split the cost with a roommate or family member, and buy in bulk and share with friends. Also, consider using a small apartment app like Apartment Guide to find deals from local businesses. You can also find different studio apartment layout ideas on these apps.

A small space means more tiny kitchenware — and less counter space. It’s no secret that kitchenware has a high resale value. Take a look at the top-rated kitchenware brands on RedList, an online resale marketplace for kitchenware brands. Invest in small and mid-sized kitchenware pieces that complement your other kitchen furniture pieces. After buying all of your kitchenware, let’s look at some organized ways to hold all of the gear.

Hold all your utensils, cutlery, and dishes in one place with a tray. Instead of using bowls and spoons, save space by holding utensils in a tray that properly fits in a cabinet or on a counter. Three-side tins and jars are generally the best sizes for food storage.

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