How to Make Your Garden Pond Design a Success

Garden pond designs are many but there are some things which you have to keep in mind for them to be a success. A garden pond increases the beauty of your garden. Not only that, it attracts a lot of birds and butterflies to your garden thus enriching the ecosystem. But often times, people are not careful in making their garden ponds. But in this article, we shall discuss some ways in which you can make your garden pond designs a success.

Type of Garden Pond

Garden ponds fall into four major categories: a water garden, a fish pond, a water fountain and a pond-less waterfall. It is important to decide the type of garden pond design you want. Otherwise, chances are that you might end up with something completely different than what was planned. So be careful.

Location of the Pond

This is another important factor that can play a major role in building the garden pond. The pond should be built on a place from where you can see it and take pleasure out of it. The pond should have a lot of sunlight and rain water should not accumulate in it. If you do not want your pond to become dirty, build it away from trees or else leaves will fall in it.

In case you want the pond to have a lot of additional features and light, then it is wise to build it near power and water sources. While this is optional, the fact that your pond should have lots and lots of sunlight is an important fact and should be observed.

Digging of the Pond

After you have considered what type of garden pond to build, its cost and location, it is time to build the actual pond. Digging up a hole is very necessary to the build of the pond even if you use a rigid performed shell. You will find lots of articles which talk of this process. If you are not very confident of digging, then you can hire professional help. If you insist on digging up the pond by yourself, then there are lots of books, websites and DVDs available that describe this process elaborately.

Life in the Pond

After you have dug up your pond arises the important question of pond life like fish and plants. Mix a bit of pond water with your artificial pond so that aquatic animals can survive as tap water contains chlorine and that may harm the fish.

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