September 25, 2022

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I damaged her bathroom, and I’m so embarrassed

Dear HARRIETTE: I went to pay a visit to my sister recently following two years of not looking at just about every other due to the pandemic.

Harriette Cole
Harriette Cole 

We have a bizarre partnership. She’s the oldest child, and she proceeds to attempt to manage every thing. She’s tremendous neat, and I’m messy.

During my pay a visit to, just about every time I stood up, she seemed to see what I was likely to do following. It is awkward staying all around her due to the fact I normally really feel like I’m heading to mess up.

Absolutely sure more than enough, when I was employing her visitor bathroom, I mistakenly made use of the towel rack to equilibrium as I stood up and broke it off the wall. Now I have destroyed my sister’s home. I am so humiliated.

How can I make it up to her? She does not want cash, but she is annoyed.

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