August 10, 2022

Rayjin Teppanyaki

Beauty in design

I’m a design expert – a simple change to your lighting could instantly make your home look more expensive

DESIGNING your home can be a task that breaks the bank, especially if you’re someone with expensive tastes.

However, this neat hack could trick others into thinking your space is more expensive when in reality it’s all just a simple lighting change.


Changing the lighting in your home could make your space look more expensive without spending that much cashCredit: Getty

When decorating your home on a budget, it’s important to consider lighting and hardware to improve the overall look of your home.


One easy trick is to use clever lighting techniques to enhance the art in your living space.

Wall art is an amazing way to improve any room and it doesn’t have to be expensive to look nice.

But how you display the art is just as important as the piece itself and lighting can make the piece the focal point in the room.

There are multiple ways to achieve this whether subtlety is your style or you like a more impactful design.

“My favorite way to light art is by using LED picture lights, which are clever enough to contain the light purely on the canvas, rather than lighting the wall around it,” said Guy Goodfellow, founder of Guy Goodfellow Design.

“Instead of having brassy picture lights, which we’ve seen enough of, a great trick is to paint the picture light in the same color as the wall. You don’t visually register them and only when they’re on in the evenings do you see them.”


Getting rid of your old or plain lamp shades is another easy way to liven up your space without shelling out cash for new light fixtures.

“I love to add color and pattern using lamp shades – the bigger and more vibrant the better, as they make the room look much grander,” said designer Penny Morrison.

“Create statements out of your lamps and shades to express effortless sophistication,” she said.

“They exude charm, elevating elegance and add personality to any room.”


Mirrors can make a small dark room feel bigger and lighter just by mounting them on the wall.

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Designer Lucy Searle calls the accessory one that “can’t be underestimated.”

“My particular favorite trick that designers regularly use is to put lighting in front of mirrors, especially in a living room or bedroom alcoves. Doing so creates a real luxe look,” she said.

Using lights to enhance art or even switching around lamp shades can improve any space, according to designers


Using lights to enhance art or even switching around lamp shades can improve any space, according to designersCredit: Getty