Is raccoon turning Cupertino cat’s nap spot into a bathroom?

DEARJOAN: I have evidence of critter feces in my yard. It is way too huge to be from a rat or cat. Raccoons have been in my garden in the earlier.

This is in an region (in which) my older cat spends her time in the afternoons, but I get her inside of in the evening. The feces appear in the mornings.

Is there something that would discourage raccoons, but not irritate my cat?

Jane Kamvar, Cupertino

Dear JANE: One way to make positive you don’t disturb your cat is to discover her a peaceful and heat napping house inside of the home. This is not just me preaching on the pitfalls to cats that are allowed to wander exterior. You have proof of an animal viewing your yard at evening there’s no promise it would not also come close to through the working day.

If it is a raccoon, there is a tiny risk to your cat. If it is a much larger animal, this kind of as a coyote, she’s in a lot of hazard.

Making a latrine in the corner of the lawn does audio like raccoon habits, nonetheless. You can detect their scat by the form (cylindrical) with rounded or damaged ends. You practically generally can see remnants of berries or seeds the animal has eaten.

Coyote scat is mainly tubular with tapered finishes, and fox scat has twisted ends. There may be tufts of fur from the prey those animals have eaten.

To prevent a raccoon from applying your cat’s napping place as a latrine, tape jointly two pieces of plastic — a tarp or trash luggage — so there is a very little slip and slide movement, then unfold the plastic in the corner right after your cat has retired to the house for the night. Raccoons never like the truly feel of the plastic and commonly find other spots.

You also could established a movement-activated sprinkler to come on at night time or set up a spot light-weight that illuminates the corner.

Dear JOAN: I have a comment on the problem about the cat detrimental the furniture in your Monday column. We typically employed carpet-covered posts until our most modern cat, who is now 7 yrs old. She never preferred individuals posts and desired home furnishings.

I brought property a slanted, sisal rope submit and it altered every little thing. She’s on her 3rd article, acquiring ripped the other two to shreds. That type of submit, moreover providing her a frequent manicure, has saved us all joyful. She does adore the clean catnip I grow for her, so that also assisted to train her.

The only time she subsequently touched our couch was when she experienced worn out her write-up, but stopped when I bought her a new one particular.

Gayle Hudson, San Leandro

Pricey GAYLE: I like listening to about matters that have worked for other folks. I really should have suggested some alternative scratching publish resources, as effectively as normal manicures.

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