September 25, 2022

Rayjin Teppanyaki

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Jamie Campbell Bower Explains ‘Flap’ in His Vecna Costume for Bathroom Use on Set

Have you at any time wondered how Jamie Campbell Bower employed the toilet on the set of Stranger Points 4? Neither did we right up until we read Bower speak to the bodily feat in an job interview. Discover out far more about the difficulties the Stranger Issues star confronted although in his Vecna costume, like how difficult it was to use the rest room. 

Jamie Campbell Bower as Vecna | Netflix

Jamie Campbell Bower’s Vecna costume took 7.5 hours to place on 

Though some of Vecna’s physical appearance is CGI, Bower estimates 90% of the Stranger Matters villain is him. According to Assortment, Bower’s transformation took about seven and a fifty percent hours. Following 10-12 several hours of filming, getting rid of the costume took yet another hour.