Are you considering selling Amazon virtual product bundles? You should carefully review the Virtual Product Bundle policy. Not everyone can use this technology right now, and not every product can be integrated. However, if you need assistance understanding the policy or setting up a Virtual Product Bundle campaign for your company, please contact Sellers Launch, and we would be pleased to meet with you or you can visit the below link:

Brand owners can use the FBA Virtual Product Bundles tool to build virtual bundles of two to five complementing ASINs that can be purchased from a single product detail page. This enables merchants to offer bundles without having to group items or update their FBA inbound inventory.

The program was launched at the end of 2019 and is currently in beta testing. Select vendors who are enrolled in Brand Registry 2.0 are now invited to participate. You can choose the goods you want to bundle together with this new tool, and it will automatically become its own stand-alone product listing. Amazon gives the bundle a unique SKU, and you can customize the title, bullets, and product description from there. Amazon will update your bundle quantities automatically based on the availability of the bundle’s lowest-stock item. Furthermore, there is no need to physically package these things because FBA will ship them all together to the consumer in one shipment.

What are Virtual Product Bundles?

Product bundles not only benefit buyers, but they also help vendors raise their average order value. If you observe that certain of your products are regularly purchased together, virtual bundling them makes purchasing easier and increases the likelihood that customers will buy more from you. Customers will also know that they can acquire everything they need from a single seller rather than searching Amazon for separate things from several different brands.

At least two and up to five ASINs must be included in each bundle. Assume you operate a popcorn company that sells a variety of tastes. You can list up to five of your most popular tastes on one page. Customers can purchase all five listings in one click rather than having to travel to each one individually. Keep in mind that your bundle inventory will be based on the ASIN with the least quantity of accessible stock, so double-check your stock to ensure that one ASIN isn’t restricting purchases for the entire bundle.

Each ASIN must be able to be purchased independently. This implies that each virtual bundle product must have its own product detail page. Customers will still be able to purchase a single product this way. Multiple ASIN units can be combined into a single bundle. Let’s return to the popcorn example (movie anyone?). Let’s assume you want to package a caramel and a sea salt flavor. You can really change the quantity of each ASIN that will be included in the bundle. You could, for example, make a bundle with two of each flavor or two of the caramel and one of the sea-salt, or vice versa.