September 28, 2022

Rayjin Teppanyaki

Beauty in design

Priti Pratap Singh opens the doors to her Delhi home, where memories and histories intertwine

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Priti Singh’s drawing home is also her clearly show place. Out of two tall glass-fronted cupboards of her own style spill forth her kaleidoscopic wares as guests just take in the atmospheric melange of wall hangings, fragments of statuary, art textbooks, and memorabilia permeated with the scent of summer lilies, tuberoses, and greenery from her lovingly tended garden. Whimsical personal touches abound: For instance, in close proximity to the fireplace is a poignantly framed pair of woven pink gloves that were being presented to her by her father for childhood riding classes.

A extraordinary toilet in black and white marble functions a Belgian crystal mirror above a washbasin by Singh’s interior designer friend Adil Ahmad.

Ashish Sahi

This lavatory is embellished with copies of Mughal textiles. 

Ashish Sahi

Over the decades she has amended the 3-bedroom flat on the floor flooring that she shares with her two daughters—one runs an NGO in health care, the other is a lawyer—to suit modern dwelling with out compromising its period of time architectural functions. “The cavernous rooms ended up gloomy and the format impractical. I converted the outdated kitchen into a dining room, relocating the new kitchen at the rear of the living home. I also punched in skylights, and mirrored redundant doorways, to build mild and house.”

She is a purely natural raconteur, with a spirited humour that is at at the time candid and infectious. When likely purchasers pay a visit to, Priti Singh says she has pleasurable mentally deciding what they will opt for. She’s generally ideal. And when they ask about the property and its glittering contents, her storytelling commences. Not surprisingly, not lots of leave vacant-handed.