The Best Bathroom Organizer for 2022

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A clean bathroom organizer

A clean bathroom organizer

Extra storage space is always a great option for keeping things organized. Bathrooms can look cluttered and messy if there’s inadequate space for all your products. And, if you’re a woman, it seems impossible to fit everything in one place – doesn’t it? A bathroom organizer goes a long way in keeping things orderly. These products are made with different materials and come in various sizes. And, they can serve a multitude of purposes around the house. But when buying a bathroom organizer, it can get pretty confusing with the abundance of options available.

So, we’ve reviewed high-quality bathroom organizers of 2022 that make an excellent fit in any setting. A good quality product provides you with durable and long-lasting results. It is imperative to invest in an organizer that delivers desired capacity and function. You can achieve this with the help of our curated list of options as well as the attached buying guide, providing you with insights and key factors to consider. All of this should make your buying experience less stressful and provide you with confidence in your decision.

Top Picks

Best overall: Yaheetech bathroom organizer

A great option for tucking away bathroom clutter.

A great option for tucking away bathroom clutter.

Our first option, from Yaheetech, is made from high-quality material delivering sturdy construction and high-load capacity. This product has multiple drawers and convenient handles, providing an ideal space-saving storage unit. It comes equipped with a waterproof surface capable of withstanding humid conditions, making it perfect for any bathroom or kitchen. This option offers an aesthetically pleasing design with a sleek body, allowing you to keep it in a compact and convenient space. And, this pick comes with all the required accessories and instructions so you can quickly assemble it and start benefiting from the extra storage. Additionally, this product comes painted in elegant shades that look appealing in all settings. This product is a top choice because of its compact size and humidity resistance, offering reliability and convenience to customers.

Key Features:

  • Measures 12 x 22 x 32 inches, easily fitting into most spaces

  • Painted MDF for superior humidity resistance

  • Comes available in white, black, brown, and gray colors

  • Load capacity of up to 99 pounds

Durable materials: HBlife bathroom organizer

Precise and considerate size slots are suitable for most toothbrushes and toothpaste in daily life.

Precise and considerate size slots are suitable for most toothbrushes and toothpaste in daily life.

This storage solution from HBlife comes in multiple sizes, so you can find a suitable fit in a variety of spaces. This pick is constructed using durable and sturdy materials, ensuring long-lasting quality and offering damage resistance. And, this item features a multi-slot design, allowing you to keep all kinds of toiletries in one location. Additionally, its lightweight body allows you to assemble it effortlessly. And, with its non-slip design, you can put this organizer anywhere without worrying about spills or accidents. Lastly, this product has a weather-resistant body, making it perfect for humid spaces like bathrooms.

Key Features:

  • Comes in small, large, and extra-large sizes with a seven-slot design

  • Has a freestanding structure with four rubber pads, ensuring stability

  • Made from high-grade stainless steel

  • Rust and damage resistant

Great storage: Simple Houseware bathroom organizer

Sliding basket for easy access in limited space&#10

Sliding basket for easy access in limited space

This next option, from Simple Houseware, helps you add classic aesthetics to any bathroom. And, it comes with multiple compartments for putting all your products in one place. It’s designed with an accessible body, fitting perfectly even in the most compact spaces. This product is made of top-quality materials, providing long-lasting and durable use without damage. Plus, it’s available in five different colors, so you can match one that looks great in your particular space and satisfies your unique style preferences.

Key Features:

  • Metal construction for long-lasting use

  • Comes in bronze, white, silver, pink, and turquoise colors

  • Each product has two drawers, making it ideal for all kinds of spaces

Most portable: TuoxinEM Store bathroom organizer

This bathroom storage shelf carton box includes an assembly instruction to follow up the replacement

This bathroom storage shelf carton box includes an assembly instruction to follow up the replacement

Our next pick is from TuoxinEM Store and features a slim body, so you can fit it ideally in nearly any space. This option offers a modern design that looks good in every room, so you can decorate your house without any problems. And, this product is made from a non-reactive and waterproof material, providing damage-resistant use in any humid section of the house, ensuring both durability and longevity. Additionally, this option is available in different sizes, so you can pick one according to your bathroom’s dimensions. Precise assembly instructions, with images, come along with an order, helping you assemble this storage solution with ease. Plus, it has a lightweight body, meaning you can carry it from one room to another easily.

Key Features:

  • Available in a small and large size

  • Freestanding design, offering flexibility

  • Made from polyvinyl chloride material that’s non-reactive to water

Great aesthetics: Tbestmax bathroom organizer

Little things are also allowed. Easy to get your fingers down

Little things are also allowed. Easy to get your fingers down

Our final pick comes from Tbestmax, it’s a lightweight and compact product, offering portability as well as convenient storage. And, it comes in a stylish design, so you can effortlessly store different materials in one spot – these beautifully crafted jars. Plus, this pick employs a solid and sturdy construction that won’t bend or react to temperature changes. This product is available in different sizes and comes in packs, so you can definitely find something that meets your storage needs and space requirements. Additionally, this option features a waterproof body, guaranteeing no damage to the products you store inside.

Key Features:

  • Made from solid plastic with 2 mm thickness which is not flimsy or fragile

  • Comes with tight-fitting, secure lids

  • Available in packs of one, three, and four

A buying guide to the ultimate bathroom organizers

Dedicated homemakers suggest adding extra space to your bathrooms with attractive and useful products like these. They are a compact, convenient and easy way to store things, assuming you find a suitable product. There are many factors to consider that we’ll elaborate on in our buying guide. Check it out to see which products work best for providing you with a clean and well-organized setup.

Considerations when purchasing a bathroom organizer

Here is a list of things you should remember when purchasing these kinds of storage products.


The material construction of a storage product determines how many things you can keep in one place. And, you can decide to sort products by weight by choosing a particular material. For instance, if you want to store small things like cotton buds or swabs, smaller storage units with airtight lids are a great option. On the other hand, you can opt for larger boxes with big compartments for storing bigger things.


Another critical factor is the size of your storage option. You should go with something designed for storing your intended products. Options with compartments and drawers are usually freestanding and can be situated in one corner of your space. And, if you’re planning on storing smaller products like cotton buds and toothpicks, go with smaller containers with airtight lids, maintaining the integrity of items stored inside.


These storage solutions can be used in places other than bathrooms. You can purchase a freestanding product for use in a corner of your living room or the kitchen. You can use these products for storing books, stationery, fruits, vegetables, tissues, and more. Overall, these are multifunctional items, ensuring your pick is durable and capable of withstanding the weight of t
he intended products is extremely important.


Weight tolerance determines the portability and convenience of storage products. It is essential to keep in mind that light products cannot hold heavy objects. Heavyweight storage products can hold various items but are not as portable. It is vital to look for options that can accommodate your desired items.

Available versions

These kinds of storage products are available in two versions, freestanding and wall mount.

Wall mount

Wall mounting is the process of installing something onto a wall. There are multiple versions of these products that can be fixed to a wall for constant use. This is a permanent fixture method, requiring professional installation and accuracy. Wall-mounted items might leave holes in your walls if you decide to change their location.

And, these options might not be appreciated in spaces that you rent. These versions are more compatible in places with less storage space. Although a wall-mounted storage solution provides adequate storage space, you should never overburden it. Models with cabinets and sections are also available, offering easy organization and more privacy.


Freestanding versions can be placed on the floor of any room. These options are more portable and transferable from one room to another. Freestanding models do not require a complex or professional assembly process. They offer multifunctional use and look good in any part of a home.

If you’re a renter or change homes a lot, freestanding organizers are a great and convenient item. They require dedicated floor space, so we recommend getting smaller sizes that don’t make a room look small or suffocating. Freestanding models are available in different styles and ensure versatile organization.

Why do you need a bathroom organizer?

Whether it’s for storing things or making a decorative impact, here is a list of reasons why these products are essential.

Manage your things

The first advantage of installing extra storage space is managing your things more efficiently. You can label each compartment individually and place them accordingly. And, once your items are stored efficiently, it also helps you track what’s available and what needs replacing. If you tend to forget things, an organization cabinet with proper labels enables you to keep on top of everything, so you don’t lose anything or suddenly run out.


Since these products are available in different styles, sizes, and colors, you can pick something that makes your room look organized and clean. A clean space is pleasing to the eyes and makes you appear active and energetic.


Storage solutions come in multiple styles and designs. While making a space look more clean and delineated, they also add an elegant and modern touch to any room. This aesthetic charm makes these products the center of attention in any area.

Increased space

By adding a simple cabinet or drawer, you are automatically increasing the space in a room. Once everything is put in place, empty counters and racks give you enough space for performing activities with ease. Your space will automatically look bigger and more spacious.

Types of bathroom organizers

You can purchase a bathroom organizer with drawers, compartments, or racks.


Rack versions are available with anywhere between one or five tiers (even more in some cases), and they are available in plastic or metal. Racks are mostly freestanding, but some versions have wall mounting capability. The weight tolerance of a storage rack determines its capacity.

You can purchase these options in metal or PVC plastic, assuring sturdy and durable construction. Racks take up a certain amount of space, but they are a great way for maintaining the quality of your items. And, you can also store smaller shelves in cupboards or under beds. Remember to check for anti-slip properties in a floor mount rack before buying it.


Drawers are designed for keeping small things around your house safe. They come in different sizes for storing an assortment of objects quickly. Drawers are mostly wooden but they often come with a weather-resistant coating for tolerating humid conditions in bathrooms. Drawers are weight tolerant but might only accommodate specific sizes or amounts of items.

These options also have high-temperature tolerance but require proper cleaning methods. And, sometimes wooden drawers might crack over time. To avoid this, they need regular maintenance and care.

People also asked

Q: What are bathroom organizers made of?

A: Bathroom organizers are made of wood, metal, and plastic. The durability of a product depends on which material you choose. A metallic version has high weight tolerance but less weather resistance than plastic. And, wooden organizers provide greater aesthetics and weight tolerance but are more difficult to maintain. Finally, you can choose a plastic bathroom organizer for more variety and weather tolerance, but they will not be as sturdy. Plastic is also more affordable than others.

Q: How long do bathroom organizers last?

A: Bathroom organizers can last for a decade if properly cared for. You need to take special care of a product and to make sure it isn’t damaged during use. For people who move around a lot, there might be greater deterioration.

Q: Where should I position a bathroom organizer?

A: The position of your product determines its safety. Freestanding versions should be placed in a location with less contact with water, like under a sink. On the other hand, you can position a wall-mounted product up to 24 inches over a toilet or in front of a sink.

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