Heart Evangelista advocates importance of sleep in overall health – Manila  Bulletin

Having a good night’s sleep is vital for every person as it revitalizes energy. People worldwide cannot sleep peacefully as they require comfort in their sleep, and a troublesome mattress or an uneven sleeping place can never help you have a good and comfortable sleep. Several people avoid sleeping for eight hours, but they don’t understand that lack of sleep causes harmful effects on one’s body. 

According to a survey, the number one reason for having trouble sleeping has an uncomfortable sleeping ground. To tackle issues like these, Uratex has been looking for ways to make sleep a blessing for you. Their team has been monitoring the results of sleeping experiences. In the Philippines, the group of Uratex has managed to capture the essence of a good night’s sleep through their comfortable mattresses. 

Their team blends technology and sustainability to make the perfect mattresses to help people avail themselves of the benefits of restful sleep. People fail to realize that a good night’s sleep can help people through several factors, such as:

Improving concentration and productivity After obtaining proper sleep, people have seen the difference as they have managed to improve their concentration level and productivity with the activities that they have done. 

  1. Boosts your Immunity

Your immune cells and proteins receive the rest they require to fend off anything that comes their way, including colds and the flu, when your body gets the sleep it needs. Additionally, according to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine’s well-rested sleep experts, getting enough sleep can boost the effectiveness of immunizations, which is undoubtedly a good thing.

  1. Sleep improves your heart.

Sleep deprivation might result in heart-related issues, including high blood pressure or heart attacks. Not getting enough sleep can release cortisol, a stress hormone that makes your heart beat faster. Your immune system and heart require rest to work effectively—just one more justification for loving sleep.

  1. Sleep helps improve memory.

Your mind continues to be active while you sleep, even while your body receives the necessary rest. It’s analyzing and compiling your daily recollections. Who knows where those memories go if you don’t get enough sleep? Or even worse, your mind might invent fictitious memories. A lack of sleep will affect your thinking skills and decrease your productivity.

  1. Sleep improves your Athletic Performance.

All forms of exercise performance are impacted by sleep. Hand-eye coordination, reaction time, and muscular recovery benefit from recuperating under the covers. Additionally, sleep deprivation might reduce your strength and power.

  1. Sleep helps you get in a better mood.

You feel rested when you get a good night’s sleep. Your energy levels will surge if you get enough sleep. Life’s minor frustrations won’t annoy you as much when your energy level is high. You’re not as angry when you’re not irritated. You are happy if you are not furious. Therefore, get a head start on bedtime, and those around you will appreciate it.